The shift towards sustainable energy solutions is a key part of the climate agenda.

The green energy technologies are different in nature from the more traditional systems, and a new energy mix is required to ensure stable and affordable energy for households, transportation and the industry.

Better Wells aim to play an active role in restructuring our energy mix to ensure more stable and sustainable energy production.

Drilling operations and construction of wells have been a key part of the production systems in the Oil & Gas industry, and is an equally key part in the development of geothermal energy systems and carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Better Wells is offering consultancy services and project support to energy and climate projects with expertise within the drilling and wells area; to enable development of geothermal energy and CCS.

Engineering and consultancy services

Better Wells offer a variety of engineering and consultancy services within well studies and planning, data evaluation, investment proposals including risk evaluation and cost estimation.
Facilitation of workshops as well as general project management and training activities.

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