About Better Wells

Better Wells is an international consulting firm that is dedicated to promoting the green transition and a more sustainable energy mix worldwide. I have extensive experience from Denmark, Norway, the Middle East, South America, and other regions, and with a focus on deep drilling for geothermal energy and carbon capture storage to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Better Wells is on a mission to help clients achieve that work towards a more sustainable future, no matter where they are located. By leveraging my expertise in these critical areas, I can provide valuable insights and solutions that support a greener and more sustainable world.

Better Wells is offering consultancy services and project support to energy and climate projects, with focus on geothermal energy and CCS.

  • Independent consultancy services with expertise in drilling and wells.
  • Technical ressource for Energy companies in planning, execution and reporting
  • Specialist support to stakeholders indirectly involved in drilling and well operations

Looking forward to work with you !

Katrine Wienberg

CEO and Founder of Better Wells ApS
Master of Science in Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science
+20 years of experience within drilling & wells and energy systems development, technical project management and business development.